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Learn Scala with a Programming Game

Download the game as a .zip file Download the source code as a .zip file

How To Build

If you want to build Scalatron from scratch on your own computer, download the sources of the ‘master’ branch and build them with the Simple Build Tool (SBT) for Scala.

Install SBT

If you do not have SBT installed, check out the online documentation and setup guide for SBT.

Build Scalatron

Once you have SBT installed, open a terminal window and change into the directory into which you downloaded (and unzipped) the Scalatron sources (the directory that contains this the build.sbt file) via e.g.

cd /usr/dev/Scalatron

and run

sbt dist

This will generate a new directory called dist which contains the same content as the regular distribution, as well as a zip-file that contains exactly the content that represents the end-user distribution. Thanks to @charleso for preparing Scalatron for SBT!

Run Scalatron

To verify that everything worked, either install the resulting .zip file as you would with one you downloaded as usual; or cd into the distribution directory /dist/bin and run java -jar Scalatron.jar:

cd /usr/dev/Scalatron/dist/bin
java -jar Scalatron.jar

Now Contribute!

Once you got Scalatron to compile on your local machine, it’s only a small step towards helping us make it better: fork us on github, make some improvements and send a pull request!

Not sure where to start? Check out the list of open issues on Github. Many enhancement suggestions contain pointers to the files that need to be changed to get started.

Still not sure, or want confirmation? Contact the maintainer and ask for feedback, ideas or tips.