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Learn Scala with a Programming Game

Download the game as a .zip file Download the source code as a .zip file

Get Started With Scalatron

Scalatron consists of these main parts:

How To Install

For details, check out the Scalatron Server Setup guide (also as pdf). But here is an abbreviated version:

How To Run

Scalatron is a Scala application that is distributed as a compressed Java archive (.jar) file. The file is called Scalatron.jar and you can find it in the /bin sub-directory inside the installation directory. It can be started in two ways:

Note that in order to run Scalatron, you need to have a sufficiently recent Java Runtime Environment installed. Scalatron requires version 1.6 or later.

What You Should See

Once you have the Scalatron server running, you should see two windows come up:

Not Working?

If you have problems launching or configuring the Scalatron server or accessing it from your browser, check out the trouble-shooting guide in the /doc directory of the installation, or right here online.

How To Play

To play, you can now write a bot program in Scala, build it, and publish it into the game. There are two basic approaches to doing this, which are explained in laborious detail in the player setup guide (also as pdf):

Here are the steps for getting started with the “casual”, browser-based approach:

What Next?