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Learn Scala with a Programming Game

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The Scalatron BotWar Benchmark

The highly official Scalatron BotWar Benchmarks let you compare the performance of your bot in the arena of the BotWar game to those of others.

You can post your bots and their benchmark scores on the Scalatron User Group.

The “Freestyle” Benchmark

In the “freestyle” benchmark variant, you place your bot - alone - into a standardized arena and let it harvest energy for a fixed number of cycles. Your benchmark score is the average score - the number of energy units - that Scalatron reports for your bot after twenty rounds. Like all benchmarks this definition is somewhat artificial because it evaluates your bot in isolation, but at least it gives you a baseline.

To get your “freestyle” benchmark score, follow these steps:

Official High Scores

The highest verified “freestyle” scores sent in by users (rounded to the nearest hundred):

Scores Of Example Bots

Here are some “freestyle” benchmark scores for the example bots included with Scalatron (rounded to the nearest hundred):

The “Head-to-Head” Benchmark

Are your friends not paying your bot the respect it deserves? In the “head-to-head” benchmark, you can show them who’s boss.

To get your “head-to-head” benchmark score, follow these steps:

You can also benchmark your bot against the Reference bot to see how well it stacks up in a head-to-head competition.

Benchmarking Tips